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Media & Entertainment

Innovate the ways in which your audience experiences entertainment. Create engaging multiple-screen experiences, embrace VR, and create the next software to change the media and entertainment landscape.

From production to distribution of media content, Bluewebspark Technologies caters to all phases of the content life cycle. Whether it’s distribution, broadcasting, production, building new delivery platforms, or simply reshaping entertainment as we know it — we are ready to help.

The US media and entertainment market alone is a $700 billion dollar market and climbing steadily but the digital shift represents a sizable challenge for the industry at large. Bluewebspark Technologies understands that the requirements of entertainment and media are not always the same as other industries. Our team knows how to maneuver through the shifting and always-on media and entertainment landscape.

  • Retain user engagement through high-performing solutions. Don’t lose another customer to buffering.
  • Leverage evolving content distribution channels to your advantage and go where your audience is.
  • Catalogue and secure your content effectively while allowing users to share quickly and seamlessly.
  • Build quality entertainment products to engage users on the go.

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